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We are coming out of a very mild winter. Counting on one hand how many days dropped below freezing and even those days the temperature only dropped for a couple hours during the overnight hours.

      What Does this mean to those of you in the South?

Simple, The Bugs are about a month and a half ahead of schedule. Insects are usually knocked down during the winter months and it takes them several months to build up again.

Every insect needs food shelter and water and your house provides all three.

                             What Can You Do?

If you already have a Pest Control Company, I can guarantee you, they already know! As a matter of fact, they will most likely have a few more recommendations than normal.

At the very least, whether you have a pest control contract or not, I would strongly recommend you check the following:

1)  Check doors and windows.
2)  Make sure water flows away from the house.
3)  Make sure all excess debris is cleared from the foundation.
4)  Turn the porch lights out at night.
5)  Most important, if you are planning on investing in a bug     zapper, remember they ATTRACT BUGS. You may want to give it to your neighbor as a 4th of July gift. (seriously)

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call.

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Robert Lester

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